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I know how exciting it is to get stuff in the mail, especially after moving away from my friends and family. I always look for reasons to send surprise letters and gifts, in hopes of making someone else smile.

A dear friend of mine recently celebrated a birthday and I knew I wanted to send him a surprise. He’s been my client for almost two years now and is one of the hardest working people I know. As he currently travels back and forth from Florida to South Carolina (in between his job and his family), I wanted to give him a gift he could use ­– but one that would also put a smile on his face. This is how the Box of Sunshine came to be.

I’ve seen this idea on Pinterest for years and always wanted to give it a try… This was the perfect occasion! I took a weekend shopping trip to Walmart and Target and found lots of yellow things. In fact, there were so many items to choose from – it became a bit overwhelming at times. I had to make sure to keep the gift within budget (while also accounting for weight/shipping costs).

The Box of Sunshine is the perfect gift idea when you’re not sure what to get someone. Remember there’s unlimited possibilities, as you can base your box on different themes and colors! I chose to stick with the yellow “Box of Sunshine” because my friend is a comedian, always making people smile and brightening their days. But you can choose any color you’d like!

QUICK TIP: Remember your items don’t have to be that exact color. As you can see in my box, some items are brown (crackers), neon green (Kleenex) and orange (Tide detergent), but as a whole – it all blends together.  🙂


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