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Halloween Costume Contest


Happy Halloween everyone! This is such an exciting time … as the holiday season is here (my fave!) and I’ve been spending most of my waking hours learning, shooting, editing and planning this Halloween party for my family — which included a Costume Contest!

I found this DIY Mugshot Photo Booth idea on Pinterest and just went for it. This year, I wanted my Halloween party to be better than last year’s, but easier to pull off. I’ve had less time to plan and prepare this season and was on the lookout for simple, cheap and easy ways to spice things up. This project was perfect! I always want my guests to have an event experience, to remember these parties for years to come. (I basically throw parties I’d want to attend. It usually works lol!)

For this Pinterest project, I needed:


• a plain white sheet (my local thrift store – $2)

• thumbtacks (already had)

• black construction paper (already had) OR a printer

• a roll of black tape (dollar store)

What I did:


• After thoroughly washing the sheet, I tacked it to an empty wall in my office. Make sure to pull it tight so there are no wrinkles.

• I hand drew the numbers using a pencil on black construction paper (making sure they were all the same size) and cut them out. (You can just print the numbers, instead of hand drawing them. I was over-thinking it.)

• I measured from the ground up and marked each foot with a pencil (1 foot, 2 feet, 3 feet, etc.). TIP: You can apply the tape much easier if you make marks on several spots on the sheet – left, middle, right, etc.

• Next, I taped the numbers on the sheet, making sure they were straight, in a vertical line and on the appropriate foot mark.

• Now time to apply the tape. (This was probably the worst part.) My technique was to tape where I previously made the pencil marks. Sometimes the line would still be crooked when I stood back and I’d have to re-adjust the tape. This part takes trial and error. Hang in there, you’ll get it!

And that’s it! When party time came, everyone LOVED it! I mean, who doesn’t want a mugshot photo?! It was cheap, easy to make and left a lasting impression. A perfect Pinterest project.

Now will you please help us end the on-going argument?! Who do you think won the costume contest? Vote for your favorite by commenting below!

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