Stop Waiting for Life to Happen and Do Something About It


I’ve gone through most of my life waiting. Waiting until the time was right. Waiting until I was 100% sure. Waiting until I’d saved up enough money. Waiting until I had the time to even do the things I wanted to do. There was always an excuse!

“I can’t move out of this crap town right now – my sister is about to graduate!” “I can’t start that business just yet – we’re not quite ready.” “I can’t learn how to swim this summer – I just don’t have the time.”

…but I’ll get to it. One day, I swear! You know – once I’m caught up. Once I have life all figured out. I’m tellin’ you – one day when I’m bored I’m going to do all things I ever wanted to do!

* NEWSFLASH * That day will never come.


I used to go through life cycling through the motions. You know – getting up, going to work and counting down the minutes until I got off. Finally going home, cleaning the house and waiting on babe to get home so we could eat dinner and prepare to do it all over again tomorrow.

But what about today? Did I learn a new skill? Did I step outside of my comfort zone? How about doing some market research for the business I want to start – did I do that? Did I do anything than pushed me? Challenged me? No?

Well look on the bright side: There’s always tomorrow!

AHH! That gives me such a sick feeling in my stomach… going to sleep every night thinking, “Tomorrow will be better. I’ll start then. Or maybe I’ll wait until next week after the long holiday weekend. Well no… my boss has me working overtime next week. That won’t work.” Let’s face it: Tomorrow will never come.

You must create it.


One day, I got so sick of it! Sick of life moving in slow motion. Disgusted with the same routine. SICK AND TIRED of wasting time, waiting on “the perfect day to come”. Tired of my life being dictated by others. I realized I’d been slowly dying inside and if I didn’t do something about it – I was going to live a life full of regret. I’d die never knowing and wishing I had done something about it. I realized I’d been wasting the amazing life that I’d been given.

That was the day my life changed.


It was after midnight. I was pacing back and forth in the kitchen – yelling, ranting, spilling ideas. I’m moving out! I don’t care, I’m doing it! I’m selling half the crap in this house and I’m moving…  to the beach! I don’t care if I don’t know anyone – good! And yes, I love my little house, but I’ll get over it! We’ll just rent it out. And you know what? I’m finally going to start that business. I’m gonna take a chance for once. Forget “being safe” and playing by the rules! I’M GOING FOR IT! I’m gonna show ‘em how it’s done!

…It’s been a year now.


I’ve officially been in business for about six months. My office sits half-a-mile from the Atlantic Ocean. I can see the water from my window. It’s true – now I work more than I ever have, but it’s the most challenging, rewarding thing I’ve ever experienced.

I don’t have to build my life around someone else’s goals anymore. I get to spend every single day with my best friend. I go to bed every night with more knowledge than before and wake up with goals bigger than yesterday. Oh, and I’ve already faced one of my biggest fears and learned how to swim!

I push my boundaries every single day. Now I know that I can literally do anything I want. I’ve proven to myself that there are no excuses, only actions. There will never be the perfect time. You will never have it figured out or be “ready” to take on the world. You just have to go for it. Make a plan. Do something every single day that will help your tomorrow.

And when you do this, magical things will start to happen.

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