Retractable Banner

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Professionally designed and printed on vinyl!

Includes a banner, durable stand and carrying case!

➤ Quick and easy to setup and display!

Read more about how it works below.



After you place an order, you’ll receive an email confirming your order. Simply reply to that email with all files and information for your design. *I will not email you for details about your design. It is your responsibility to send me all details.*


After I’ve received and reviewed all details, I’ll reply to your email with an update. Once your design is ready, I will send a preview for you to review. Your order will include one (1) round of revisions to request changes. (This does not include major changes, a new design or a different size.) Once you give permission to print, I’ll start the printing process. You will receive an email with a tracking number once your order ships. (Print orders do not include the digital file.)


All print orders ship 7-14 days *from the date you approve your designs for print.


  • Size: 33inx81in
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Includes: Banner, Stand and Carrying Case
  • Features: Quick and Easy Setup, Easy to Transport
  • Use: Indoors Only

How do I set up my retractable banner?

  1. Open your carrying case and remove the base and pole pieces.
  2. Turn the stabilizing feet perpendicular to the base and set base on the ground.
  3. Connect the pole pieces and insert it through the two holes in the base.
  4. Double check and make sure the pole was inserted into BOTH holes to ensure your banner stands up straight.
  5. Rotate the piece at the top of the pole to make sure the flat side is facing you. This is where you will hook your banner.
  6. Get someone to hold the base down while you pull your banner out of the base. If you’re alone, try placing your feet on the stabilizing feet to hold your banner down.
  7. Using both hands, pull the top of your banner up from the base slowly and carefully. Try to keep the banner centered in the base as it rolls out. This is important to avoid fraying or damaging your banner.
  8. Once the banner reaches the height of the pole, secure your banner against the flat piece at the top of the pole. Don’t try to pull the banner above the height of the pole. Doing so may damage it.
  9. Double check to make sure the flat piece is firmly attached under the ridge of your banner. If not, the banner could snap back into the base, possibly damaging your banner and/or base.

To disassemble your banner: Unhook your banner from the pole and let it roll in slowly. Try to keep the banner centered in the base as it rolls back in. This is important to avoid fraying or damaging your banner.

➤ See the Frequently Asked Questions section for more!

➤ More quantities available! Just ask.

8 reviews for Retractable Banner

  1. iCandieBeautyCo

    Received my banner & OMG IM IN LOVE! I can’t wait to use it for my class! Thanks again for an amazing job!!!

  2. Kiara R.

    I absolutely love my banner! She’s sooooooo dope and fire with her designing! Her customer service is AMAZING! Printing and shipping was very fast! They quality of my banner is A1

  3. Jasmine

    Love her work, she never misses:)

  4. Katasha H

    Someone introduced me to this beauty in 2019 and I couldn’t be more pleased. She has helped me soooo much. From the Logos, Business Cards, Bundle Wraps, Flyers, Retractable Banners, you name it she has done it ALL. It’s now 2022 and I’m still forever sticking with her. You WILL not be disappointed. Book her TODAY not TOMORROW right now for ALL your graphics needs ✨

  5. MT Hair

    I just got home & received by retractable banner and omg Alicia I don’t know why I just started crying man it look tooo damn I thank you so much again for bringing my vision alive girl you just don’t know thank youuu!

  6. Reni

    You are such a blessing!! Received my banner today. THANK YOUUUUU!!

  7. GoodnessCo9

    You did that!!! I absolutely love my banners!! I’ll be hitting you up soon for more designs!

  8. Jasmine

    Love my banner from you! 3 years and still standing strong, you’re the goat

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